Spring 2021 Store Update

Spring 2021 Store Update

What up everyone! Just like most of you Anhyzer Disc Golf is gearing up for the season and we couldn't be more excited. I wanted to take a few moments and share a store update with you so you can have an idea of what's coming to the Anhyzer Disc Golf Online store. 

Inventory Updates

More Used Discs - Our Throwers Section will be loaded up soon with more high quality, low priced used discs for you to save some money!

Discmania - I am expecting a Discmania order in the next week or so! I didn't have too many options when I ordered but you should see some Tactic's, Method's, Links, Essence, Instincts and Enigma's! Stay tuned on social media to be updated

Discraft - I am working on getting another order from Discraft. Obviously they are swamped. BUT the order has been placed and I expect to receive something soon. At this time, dealers (most) are unable to pick discs, just receive X quantity of their "Top Sellers". So as soon as I know something, you will. 

Grip6 Belts - Yep! I am in the process of setting up a dealer account and should hopefully soon be adding some Grip6 Belts to our inventory! I'm super excited about this as I am an avid Grip6 Belt wearer. Again, stay tuned on social media for updates!

Other Items

The weekly VLOGs on YouTube - Please take a second and go subscribe to the Anhyzer Disc Golf YouTube Channel. I have started releasing weekly vlogs covering the latest in the sport and keeping you updated about the online store. This will a good place to see the disc orders before they're up on the website! 

I think that's it for now! Stay tuned and give us a follow on all of our social channels! 


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