As you may have seen if you're following on social media, Anhyzer Disc Golf is now an authorized MVP Disc Sports Dealer! I'm super pumped to add high quality discs from MVP to the site. This means Anhyzer Disc Golf will also carry Stream Line and Axiom brand discs as well! 

As with just about every manufacturer our there, stock is very limited. The first order was very minimal as there wasn't much to choose from. But, GOOD NEWS! MVP told me they will be doing a major re-stock towards the end of January and hopefully we will be able to add more selection to the site. 

Here is a sneak peek at our first (very small) order. 

  • Neutron Resistor 
  • Electron Soft Ion
  • Electron Firm Ion
  • Neutron Pilot
  • Neutron Stabilizer
  • Cosmic Electron Pilot

I look forward to adding MVP, Axiom and Stream Line to the inventory and stay tuned cause I'm still working on more things for 2021!