I FINALLY got a Discraft order in!

I FINALLY got a Discraft order in!

As you may have heard me rant about on social media recently, ordering discs is becoming more and more difficult. The holds true for Discraft as well. Discraft's ordering system is setup through Excel. Much like a tournament disc order form, you order your discs using and Excel sheet, than email it in. This is good and bad. 

It's good because unlike an online store similar to Discmania or Prodigy, I don't have to rush to checkout and hope to get my full order. It's bad because I am dependent on Discraft receiving my email and processing my order fast enough to get my requested discs. So my order form sat for about 3 weeks and then I received a call from Discraft. Basically everything on my order form was out of stock. DUH!

But I placed a new order over the phone which was a great solution for the problem. I am happy to say I will be adding about 45 discs to the online store as soon as they arrive. Included in my order are some staples and tour series discs from Discraft. 

  • Paige Pierce Tour Series Buzzz
  • Brian Earhart Tour Series Zones
  • Paul McBeth Zeus'
  • Paul McBeth Avenger SS;
  • ESP Zones
  • Big Z Crank
  • D Challengers
  • ESP Nuke SS

So a nice little addition to the Discraft selection. Again, slowly but surely I am working to build the online store. Your support is always appreciated! 

And remember, orders placed before 2:00 PM CST SHIP SAME DAY and Orders of $50 or more SHIP FOR FREE!


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