Who else is excited about the new "Originals" Line from Discmania. Following the huge announcement across their social channels, Discmania announced the release of the newly revamped P2! Dealers were first able to order on June 22nd and we did just that. A max order of D-Line P2 will be up on the site as soon as we get them. More details can be found below. 

This is a pre order, to be delivered in September/October.

At Discmania, we want to create the most attractive products in disc golf — both to your eyes and to your scorecard.

This is our icon - the P2 - reinvented. For over a decade the P2 has been the gold standard of putters. We wanted to take that standard and take it to a level that is unmatched in disc golf. 

The New P2 has the same straight-to-stable flight you have known for years, but with two new features. We’ve developed a unique texture to give you the best grip available on any baseline plastic on any conditions. We know that every disc golfer prefers a different amount of flex in their putters. Some like their putter super soft while others want them rock hard. We’ve designed three different flexes to our New P2, all with the unique texture to give you the ultimate choice.

If you have liked P2 before, you are going to love these. Your next and last putter has arrived and it’s the New P2. 

The Best is Back
The most popular putter in the world is going back in to regular production. That's right! Our machines (that feels good to say!) will soon be busting out D-Line P2s at a high clip. We'll produce a small variety of colors in Flex 2 and look to pack each order with a minimum of 2 colors. 

Estimated September Arrival
We're excited to offer up a piece of the P2 pie to our Dealer Network. Please note that this is a pre order for stock D-Line P2s and that the discs have not yet been made. Our goal is to have these pre order stock P2s delivered to Colorado in September, with a worldwide release (similar to what we do with all new products), to follow shortly after.