Thanks to all of our supporters over the period of time we had a Patreon account. 

This decision was considered in April, but I hoped that the PDGA tour would start back up allowing us to re-start our main piece of content, Disc Golf Discussion. Then came the announcement that the PDGA cancelled the remaining National Tour Events. That convinced me that we needed to evaluate the current situation and move forward with closing the Patreon account. A message was sent out to all Patrons announcing the closure and explaining why. If you were a Patron, we appreciate you. 

You can still show some love for AnhyzerTV by simply shopping our online store. We don't want to be a huge online retailer, just a reliable place to check for discs when your favorite may not have what you're looking for. I also love the fact we have a great selection of high quality used discs, "Throwers" as I call them. I literally sold a McBeth 4X Star Destroyer for $9 today! I'll continue sourcing and offering these cause I feel like they are a GREAT value. 

Thanks for reading and supporting our channel and brand. 

See ya on the next one,