what now

David here. Back with another update concerning AnhyzerTV. Boy did I have some plans!

Going into the 2020 season I was excited to continue the huge amount of progress we made with the Disc Golf Discussion Podcast. Our audience had grown and we were putting out a quality show every week. As many of you know, our show covered the tour, tournaments and player news. We mixed in some stats and fun things as well. But when Covid-19 shut the tour down, the format of our podcast was basically shut down too. Could we have created some random stuff just to pump out videos? Maybe. But EVERYONE started making videos and the disc golf world was saturated with stuff to watch. That was a good thing. Our show was a bit different and Darrell and I didn't want to stray too far from it so we decided to wait it out.

I had plans to sponsor more players. To get AnhyzerTV merchandise created. I had just secured a deal with WhyDry Chalk Bags. We were prepping for The Vintage Open and The Jonesboro Open. I was excited about the quality content and tournament coverage we were about to create, but that was also gone too. I also worked out a deal with Andrew Castro to create high quality disc reviews and that idea is still on, but very slow as well. Lots of plans were smashed by Covid-19 for me and the brand. I know this hit every one in the sport pretty hard. 

So now it's May. I have had a lot of down time. I've updated the website to include a full service online store. I became an authorized Prodigy Disc dealer. We now have some quality Prodigy Plastic on the website, check it out here. I just placed an order with Discraft for all the new team series discs dropping towards the end of the month. Keep an eye out for those. I also secured about 60 "Throwers" or quality used discs that will be added soon. The website is coming along and I appreciate those who have shopped it and supported it in some way. 

I also REALLY appreciate our Patreon Supporters! I know the podcast was the main draw for a lot of you coming on board to support us and I am overwhelmed by the support you all have shown doing this shut down. 

So What Now?

I will continue to build out the website and grow the inventory. I want to make sure I have a nice disc selection available. I'm not trying to be Infinite Discs, but a quality selection is important. A few things I pride myself on concerning the online store is the option of used discs at heavy discounts. Players love seasoned plastic and I am happy to offer it. I also work to ship orders as fast as possible. If you order before 3:00 PM CST, I'm going to ship your order the same day. 

Darrell and I are also working on some more behind the scenes type videos. Darrell has begun building a disc golf course on his property and we are excited to show you his "home course". 

I'm also working on growing our Twitter account. Go give us a follow. Twitter is the forgotten step child when it comes to disc golf social media. There is some stuff happening over there, so join in if you're on Twitter. 

Lastly, we are patiently waiting for the tour and the PDGA to fire back up and when that does, Disc Golf Discussion will be back at it and I'm not sure I'm looking forward to anything else more than that. 

Be safe, be healthy and play disc golf.