We've updated the look and feel of our online store as you may have already noticed. We have also added and modified a few features to enhance your shopping experience. 

New Feature - Wishlist

Account holders now have the ability to add items to their "Wishlist" to save for future reference. Got your eye on that Paige Pierce Sol but there is still a few days til payday? Add it to your wishlist. You can always find your Wishlist by clicking the button at the very top of the menu. 

Modified Functionality - Disc Selection Feature

We offer shoppers the ability to see every single disc in our inventory. This feature is great for knowing exactly what you're buying before you buy it.

Before, shoppers used a drop down style selector to chose the exact disc they wanted from a mold. Although this worked well, there was no way to tell if that specific disc was in stock until you chose it in the drop down. 

Now, you can see EVERY disc selection on the main screen and tell if it is in stock without having to select it first. See our image below. 


We hope that as we continue to improve our online selection and enhance your shopping experience that you will continue to return and support us. Thanks!