The 7th Anhyzer DG mini is in the books! Shout out out to our newest member, Trace Thomas! 

It was the Brandon Grice and Nate Turner show as they both throttled Pleasant View with a (-8) 48 round score! Some big putts and parked drives helped the cause. 

In the AM division, Josh Clem overcame 4 bogies to shoot (-2), 1 stroke ahead of Josh Ralston and 2 ahead of Harvey Wilson. We had a great turnout of 12 people. Thanks to everyone for coming out. 



$4 Entry Fee - 12 Total Players - $48 Collected - $24 Paid In Cash - $24 Paid Out in Vouchers. Payout to top 50% of field.

Ace Pot now at $62

Pro Division 

6 Players - $24 Total Payout - Nate Turner & Brandon Grice split 1st and 2nd for $10 each. Zeno Schaefer finished 3rd and earned the remaining $4.

ADV Division

6 Players - $24 Total Payout - Josh Clem had the hot AM round and earned $14 in store credit! Josh Ralston finished 2nd and earned $6 store credit. Harvey Wilson finishes 3rd and earns $4 store credit.