This past weekend some family members of mine played in their very first disc golf tournament. They had a bag full of discs, some I recommended and some they just picked up elsewhere. One of them was throwing a 14 speed disc! He had no business throwing a 14 speed driver! Needless to say we discussed the discs in his bag and the options he had for attcking some of the holes. This got me to thinking. Which discs do I currently have in inventory (as of September 24th) that are beginner friendly?

So I started looking. Here's what I found. 

Putt & Approach

Discmania D-Line P2 - Great for putting! A solid putter to not only start with, but grow into as your skills develop. 



Dynamic Discs E-Mac Truth - A stable mid-range that challenges new players but doesn't require perfect form. Learn to throw an E-Mac Truth and you'll be blowing by 300 feet in no time!

Fairway Driver

Prodigy Discs Ace Line F Model S - Perfect for learning hyzer flip shots and a great point and shoot Fairway driver. 




Distance Driver

Innova Discs Star Valkyrie -  A perfect distance driver to develop your skills and learn to throw far. Once you've mastered the Valkyrie, you can move up!