This week I'd like to share some thoughts on a disc that is in my bag and one that I heavily rely on. 

That disc is the Fluid Escape from Dynamic Discs

Sadly, this plastic type is now out of print which means replacing this disc, if ever lost, would be very difficult. Finding the two I currently own was a challenge. I am thankful to D$ and Flash for working with me on the two I have currently. 

So one day I arrive at Darrell's place to record an episode of Disc Golf Discussion. We have a little daylight left and we decide to throw some discs from Darrell's driveway out into his front yard (which is massive) and try to reach the street. I'd estimate the street at 300 feet? I can reach it with my distance drivers and it's downhill, so it's doable. Across the street, in the neighbors yard, is a row of pine trees that line the street. They're about 40 foot tall. 

Darrell's Front Yard

Darrell sticks a First Run or Proto Fluid Escape in my hand and says "Dave, throw this thing." I line it up, x-step and proceed to smash this disc further than any other I've thrown from that spot easily clearing the pine trees across the street. IT WAS SO MONEY! I told Darrell I needed it in my life but he refused to work a deal for it!

A few weeks went by and I kept thinking about that Fluid Escape in Darrell's garage. He wasn't even throwing it! I tracked one down from my buddy Flash. I traded him a Mamba for it. Cha-ching! Finally, Darrell relented and I was able to work a deal to get his from him. I was set! Currently, Darrell's Escape is on my shelf in case I ever lose the Escape I got from Flash. 

I absolutely love my Fluid Escape! Straight, hyzer flip, tunnel shot? I got that. High, slow turning anhyzer? I got that. On a rope 350 feet? I got that. I trust this disc so much and I probably execute the correct throw more times with the Escape than any other disc in my bag. My only complaint is that DD has stopped making Fluid plastic! 

Are you a fan of the Escape or Fluid Plastic? Do you have a Fluid Escape that you love? Share your feedback with me on Twitter! That's the best way to reach me!