I recently lost my Air Force stamped Champion Thunderbird and it may have been one of the most devastating losses for me, ever. 

Obviously, that's a bit dramatic. But the Innova Champion Thunderbird is an absolutely crucial disc to my disc golf game. That specific Thunderbird was in my bag for a few years and I had that disc completely dialed. I immediately added a new one (shown below) and it's just not the same. Here is why I bag the Innova Discs Champion Thunderbird. 

I love the Thunderbird because it is easy to throw. It doesn't require world class arm speed. It doesn't require perfect form or a perfect release. The Champion plastic seasons in slowly allowing you to learn it and begin to trust it fairly quickly. Out of the box it is stable and reliable. As it seasons, it keeps that stability and reliability but provides straighter shots, for longer flights. The rim on the Thunderbird fits perfectly in my hand. It's comfortable and I always get a great release when throwing. For these reasons, I will always have a Thunderbird in my bag.

My newest one, the USDGC claw stamped one in the picture is very nice. I am already leaning on it for many shots throughout my round. I expect this disc to be in my bag for a long time and provide me with a lot of circle 1 birdie opportunities. As an Advanced level player the Champion Thunderbird is perfect for my game. 

If you're interested in trying a Thunderbird but not sure you have the "power" or skill, check out the G-Star version. It's a bit easier out of the box. 

Are you a fan of the Thunderbird? Do you have a Thunderbird that you love? Share your feedback with me on Twitter! That's the best way to reach me!