Anhyzer DG mixed their mini night with the River Valley Disc Golf Association for the first time. What a night it ended up being! Daniel Bates roasted the ADV division with a scorching (-11) and David Lopez won the PRO Division with a (-10). Lopez also claimed 2 Ace Pots with a skip in Ace on Hole 9 worth $15 from RVDGA and $79 from Anhyzer DG! Let's go!


$4 Entry Fee - 13 Total Players - $52 Collected - $28 Paid In Cash - $24 Paid Out in Vouchers.

Payout to top 50% of field.

Ace Pot now at $0

Pro Division 7 Players - $28 Total Payout - David Lopez claims first winning $16. Brandon Grice, Alex Henry and Jon Alverson tied for 2nd splitting 2nd and 3rd money for $4 each. 

ADV Division 5 Players - $24 Total Payout - Daniel Bates claims the largest share winning $14 for his scorching (-11). Kiefer finishes with $6 store credit and Travis Ballard rounded out 3rd with $4 store credit.