It was a beautiful day to play some disc golf but we almost didn't get to finish. I was hoping to get in a nice round at Old Post Park but the Gold layout was still in place and this brought time into play. Luckily the eleven of us were able t wrap up right before full darkness and get tags exchanged. This also means that uDisc scoring is inaccurate as it was setup with the regular layout. Keep that in mind! 

Shout out to our newest members, Ryan Hostetler, Tyler Peters, Tyler knox, James pierce, Zeno Schaefer and Gregory Cochran! 

Have to give a shout out to Jonathon Alverson and Nate Turner who tied for the hot round at 59 which is par! See the scoreboard below. Payout details are further down. 

Paul Crotts earned a Mint Discs Royal Profit Putter with his CTP on Hole 10/13!

Pay Out Details

$4 Entry Fee - 11 Total Players - $44 Collected - $12 Paid In Cash - $32 Paid Out in Vouchers. Payout to top 50% of field.

Ace Pot now at $29

Pro Division

3 Players - $12 Total Payout - Jon Alverson and Nate Turner tied and split the $12. $6 each.

Rec/Int Division

3 Players - $12 Total Payout - James Pierce won this division and received $8 store credit.  Greg Cochran finished 2nd and received $4 store credit. 

ADV Division

5 Players - $20 Total Payout - I (David Lopez) won this division and kept $11. Harvey Wilson and Ryan Hostetler tied for 2/3 and split the remaining $9. $4.50 each.