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Discmania P2 Release Date, Pricing and Info

Discmania P2 Release Date, Pricing and Info

Arguably the most anticipated release of the 2021 season is finally here! Here is the pertinent details. I recommend joining the email list. You c...
Now an Authorized Infinite Discs Retailer!

Now an Authorized Infinite Discs Retailer!

Excited to announce we are officially an authorized Infinite Discs retailer! We just placed our first small order (inventory is limited) and we wil...

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What Our Customers Think

Just wanted to say I think it’s really cool that you guys have thrower disc. It lets me try out some different brands or disc that I usually don’t throw at a lower price to see if I like them.Keep up the good work!

Kieran McCarthy

Fast shipping, pictures of the discs you buy, great used disc selection!

Bobby Mullen

Same day shipping is extra satisfying!

Harvey Wilson

Nice selection of lesser known discs/brands. I purchased a MINT discs Freetail and had a wide range of colors to choose from. Reasonable prices/shipping costs.

Scott Lee


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